My own parent recording

My own parenting memories on my 40th birthday

Here you can see my recording for my 40th birthday. I first wrote down my quick answers to the 3 questions, and then video recorded me sharing them. See below for the video clip.

1) As a parent, what is your wish for yourself in this new year ahead?

I would like to keep taking Cailin to events and experiences that keep challenging her and exposing her to the bigger world. I really feel that as a parent I can give her opportunities for her to learn more about herself and her strengths. And the best wish would be for those activities to be things I love doing also so we can share in the fun. Yes, I want to have more fun with her.

2) What do you wish you could do more of with your child?

I really enjoyed our Swaziland trip with all the adventure stuff and seeing Cailin take on the challenges for herself. I would love to do more of those things that we both enjoy (like riding bikes, going stand up paddling boarding together.

3. What is your most favourite memory of being a parent this last year?

With Rene getting up really early some mornings and leaving before we are awake, it gives Cailin and me our own special time. We cuddle, talk about stuff and get into the flow. Eat breakfast together, get  ready for school and then social integration time together on the swings, the track, the art room. It's a special time for us to connect which wouldn't really happen if mom were around.  
If I had to choose a single memory, it would be our trip to Swaziland where we did so many things as a family. The best part was a feeling that I experienced of giving you an amazing oppurtinity do so many exciting things (over night horse riding, caving, zip-line, hike, glass factory, candle factory etc)

My own birthday is actually the day before Cailin's. So I also recorded my memories of being a parent for that year.